Kentucky Allows for Remote Notaries

The Kentucky legislature has authorized “A remotely located individual may comply with KRS 423.455 by appearing before a notary public by means of communication technology.”  In so doing, Kentucky allows for remote notaries. Accordingly,  attorneys, witnesses, and court reporters can  appear via remotely; therefore, no one need appear in person.

Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters Remote Notaries

We have fielded questions about whether our court reporters can  attend depositions and swear in witnesses remotely. The answer is yes, we can! Our court reporters immediately got on board as soon as Kentucky allowed for remote notaries to swear in witnesses. Our court reporters and legal videographers were all Kentucky remote notaries within a matter of days. As such, we continued to serve our clients.  Attorneys now rely on us to use our Kentucky remote notary and our ability to provide remote Zoom depositions.

Taylor Court Reporters Tutors Clients on use of  Zoom

Taylor Louisville KY Court Reporters was ready when the COVID-19 pandemic began to grip our county in March of 2020. We had already been providing remote Zoom depositions to our clients for years. We are well-versed and accustomed to the intricacies of hosting remote Zoom depositions. With our experience, we were therefore ready and able to assist our clients with Zoom tutorials and coaching sessions.

Are you new to remote Zoom depositions or do you just need a refresher? Our Kentucky remote notary court reporters, can tutor you prior to your first remote Zoom deposition. We’ll also be there to coach you through your first deposition, as well. Just need a refresher, we can help with that too. If you’re not comfortable screen sharing your documents, Taylor Louisville KY Court Reporters can do that for you.  Just make it a point to send us your documents 24 hours prior to your deposition to allow us time to get your documents set up and ready for presentation.

Don’t Cancel your Deposition, Let Us Zoom it!

We can help you prepare for your first or next remote Zoom deposition.  Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we are here for you, ready to handle your next remote deposition assignment.

So don’t cancel your deposition because of COVID restrictions.  Schedule a deposition with us today using our Quick Scheduler form below. Need to call us? We’d love to hear from you. You can call us today at (502) 671-8110.  To reach us and inquire about remote Zoom depositions or the use of our Lexington KY conference rooms, call us at (859) 270-2940.

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