Louisville Court Reporters Share 2018 KY State Holidays

Kentucky Administrative Office of Courts Posts 2018 State Holidays

In case you were wondering or trying to make plans, like our Louisville court reporters and Lexington court reporters, you might be interested to know what the official Kentucky state holidays are and how they may impact you. Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky have the dates for you so you can make your plans with confidence. 

Without further ado, here are the official 2018 Kentucky State Holidays as posted by the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts:

2018 Kentucky State Holidays

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday, January 15
  • Spring Holiday, one-half day, Friday, March 30
  • Memorial Day, Monday, May 28
  • Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4
  • Labor Day, Monday, September 3
  • Veterans Day, Monday, November 12
  • Thanksgiving, Thursday & Friday, November 22-23
  • Christmas, Monday, December 24 & Tuesday, December 25
  • New Year’s, Monday, December 31, 2018 & Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY Off to a Great 2018

Louisville Court Reporters KY Hit the Ground Running in 2018

Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY are off and running into 2018 with depositions and video depositions daily throughout Louisville, Jefferson County, and the surrounding area, both in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  As the year begins, our Louisville court reporters are experiencing bitter cold temperatures as they step outside to take depositions, attend hearings, or come to our Louisville office to work on legal transcription.

Regardless of the bone-chilling temperatures, like postmen, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Louisville Court Reporters from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.  Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY starts the new year off with a variety of cases, including medical malpractice depositions, toxic substance litigation depositions, automobile wreck depositions, professional malpractice depositions, products liability depositions, construction and business dispute depositions, bankruptcy depositions, coal mine litigation depositions, workers’ comp depositions, and more. Our Louisville court reporters are up to the new year’s challenge and are focusing on making 2018 the best year ever. Improvements to our website, scheduling page, and streamlining transcript production all are in the works, with an aim toward making a more seamless experience for our clients.

Attorneys feel comfortable having Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY host their Louisville depositions, Louisville video depositions, and Louisville videoconference depositions. Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY has Louisville deposition conference rooms in downtown Louisville, Kentucky and East End Louisville, Kentucky. Skype depositions, Zoom depositions, and telephonic depositions are all offered by Taylor Louisville Court Reporters KY. If you have questions about any of our deposition offerings, please call us or contact us so we can personally answer any questions you may have.

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Jessie, Taylor Louisville Court Reporters
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Happy Holidays from Taylor Kentucky Court Reporters

Taylor Kentucky Court Reporters Gives to Local Charities

Taylor Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters and Taylor Lexington Kentucky Court Reporters Honors Clients, Colleagues, Friends, and Family by Giving to Local Charities

With the holiday season upon us and the new year fast approaching, it’s now, as the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on my experiences and counting my many blessings. Taylor Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters and Taylor Lexington Kentucky Court Reporters have been blessed with many wonderful and thoughtful clients, challenging us to grow with medical malpractice depositions, personal injury depositions, environmental law depositions, and workers’ comp depositions.  We’re also blessed with a talented team of court reporters and office staff who will come together to do what it takes to get the job done. There are; however, many people in Kentucky who are less fortunate, down on their luck or those who may simply be too sick or too tired to count their blessings.  As a way to honor and thank clients, colleagues, friends, and family who have supported us this past year, we remember these less-fortunate souls with a donation to the following organizations:

Home of the Innocents
American Heart Association
Legal Aid Society

Wishing you peace, joy, and prosperity now and in the new year.


Taylor Lexington Kentucky Court Reporters
Taylor Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters

Offering Kentucky court reporting services and Kentucky video court reporting services throughout Kentucky

Deposition Participants can Learn to Make a Better Record

With a little forethought and practice deposition participants can create a better record.

When you hire a court reporter to take a deposition and produce a verbatim transcript you want the transcript to be accurate, readable, and you want to be able to rely on it.  Many times attorneys are focused on the facts and forget they are also making a record. With that in mind, here are six ideas court reporters have for improving the quality of your next deposition transcript: 

  1. Don’t Interrupt 

For a more readable transcript let everyone complete their questions, answers, and objections without interruption.

Have you ever read a transcript that went something like this:

Q.     Did you have an opportunity to —
A.     Yes, I did.  I just can’t remember —
Q.    Where were you when —
A.    Chicago. I think it was June 15 —
MR. SMITH: Objection.  Let the witness finish his —
MR. JONES:  All right.
MR. SMITH:  — answers.

Transcribed as spoken, it makes you wonder what they’re talking about.

  1. Don’t Mumble 

While trying to understand what is being mumbled, court reporters can misinterpret what they hear.  Speaking clearly and enunciating helps to eliminate confusion, thereby producing a more accurate transcript.

  1. Slow Down 

Speaking too quickly can cause a slurring of words and mumbling, making it difficult for court reporters to keep up.  Slow down and enunciate your words for a cleaner, more accurate transcript.

  1. Watch the Cross Talk 

It’s important to let court reporters know when to go off the record and when to go back on, otherwise conversations meant to be off the record may wind up in the transcript.

  1. Pronunciate and Spell

Words and names pronounced or spelled differently have a chance of being spelled incorrectly in the transcript. If you think you may mispronounce a word or name that has a unique or different spelling, by all means spell it for the court reporter. 

  1. Take Breaks 

Court reporters are not machines and therefore need breaks throughout the day.  Plan to take a 10 minute break every hour or so, allowing the court reporter to get up, stretch their legs, and clear their heads.

Court reporters need your help, and the help and cooperation of all the deposition participants, to create a better transcript. With a little forethought and practice you can create a better record, one you can read more easily and rely on.

More Tips: Getting the Best from Real-time Court Reporters

Attorneys:  More Tips to Getting the Best from Real-time Court Reporters


Attorneys taking advantage of real-time court reporters benefit from having an instant translation of testimony at their disposal. How can attorneys get the most out of a real-time setup while making the best possible record?

As experienced court reporters providing real-time translations to attorneys, we’d like to suggest the following tips for getting the best from real-time court reporters:


1.  When bringing your own laptop to a deposition or other proceeding, it’s important to make prior arrangements with the court reporter or the court reporting agency to check for connectivity issues; on-site troubleshooting may be necessary and software or drivers may need to be loaded to your laptop, possibly causing a delay in the proceedings. 
2.  Court reporters use different brands of real-time software, so reach out to your court reporter and ask what real-time software they’ll be using. The real-time court reporters at Taylor Court Reporters KY use iCVNet software from Stenograph, which is free for attorneys to download from the iTunes store.
3.  For ease of use, plan on using an iPad or other device provided by your real-time court reporter. Typically, real-time court reporters will have their own devices set up and ready to go before you arrive.
4.  When giving your opening introduction and instructions to the witness, speak slowly and clearly. The court reporter will appreciate this as a chance to warm up and get familiar with speaking styles.
5.  Remember, court reporters write what they hear, so if you think your court reporter may not have heard a word, phrase or number correctly, ask the witness or attorney to repeat or clarify their question or response. Thick accents and fast talking can make it difficult for the court reporter to keep up, so slow down and be patient if the court reporter asks for a clarification.

6.  Be sure when using numbers to say the whole number and any adjectives that will help the court reporter better understand how to transcribe them. For example, you may say “six four sixteen,” real-time court reporters may not know if you mean a date, 6/4/16 or a dollar amount, $64.16 or an item, 6418. Whenever possible, use identifiers by saying date, dollar, and item.
7.  Real-time court reporters need frequent breaks to stretch, clear their head, and do a quick assessment to clean-up of their steno notes for better real-time translations. Taking a break every hour or so will go a long way in creating a better real-time record.

8.  Proper names may not come up spelled correctly in your instantaneous feed from real-time court reporters; likewise, homonyms may appear in your feed as a conflict (write/right, know/no). Court Reporters are trained to read for context, so choosing the correct word in a conflict situation is routine for court reporters. These conflicts are cleaned up in the transcript preparation phase, so your final certified transcript will be conflict-free.
9.  In addition to your on-site real-time feed, rough drafts of the day’s proceeding may be obtained from real-time court reporters. Be sure to make arrangements with your court reporter if you’d like a rough draft transcript. Be aware; however, there will be discrepancies in page and line numbers when comparing the rough-draft transcript and the final transcript. Rough-draft transcripts may contain untranslated steno, incorrect punctuation, incorrect spellings, an occasional reporter’s note and/or nonsensical word.

Be sure to read our first blog on Getting the Best from Real-time Court Reporters.

Kentucky Court Reporters, Depositions, and Interpreters

Kentucky Court Reporters, Depositions, and Interpreters

Kentucky court reporters are sometimes called to report depositions or other legal proceedings where an interpreter is used, and we’re sometimes asked by our clients to help find a qualified interpreter.  That’s when we at Taylor Court Reporters Louisville KY and Taylor Court Reporters Lexington KY turn to the list of interpreters on the Kentucky Court of Justice’s website.  In case you didn’t know the list was there, we wanted to share it with you.

According to the Kentucky Court of Justices website, “Court Interpreting Services promotes, enhances and supports justice by assisting the Kentucky Court of Justice in communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing and those with Limited English proficiency.”  With this in mind, the Kentucky Court Of Justice has prepared the following list of qualified interpreters in Kentucky you may use for your next deposition or legal proceeding:

Kentucky Interpreters – American Sign Language

Linda Bozeman (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-865-1415

Vicki Brashear (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-583-4131

Rebecca Bush (Central Kentucky)
Certified ASL 606-305-8818

Dave Calvert (Metro Louisville) Reciprocity from IN
Certified ASL 317-371-3716

Tammy Cantrell (Northern KY)
Certified ASL 502-216-3141

Nina Coyer (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-439-0376

Artie Grassman (Western KY)
Certified ASL 859-583-0800

Shannon Grider (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 502-939-3856

Molly Howard (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 812-736-2228

Jessica A. Howell Frye (Northern KY)
Certified ASL 937-244-5244

Marva Johnson (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 812-499-2959

Jay Krieger (Out of State Reciprocity)
Certified ASL 317-488-9182

Audrey Lambert (Eastern KY)
Certified ASL 606-784-5681

Norma Lewis (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 502-635-2048 (H)

Sherri McGannon (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 502-296-8132

Jennifer Paycheck (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-691-0144

Kelly Peace (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL, Legal Certification 502-727-6085

Joshua Rogers (Metro Louisville)
Certified ASL 502-608-1672

Edie Ryan (Western KY)
Certified ASL 270-559-1689

Tina McFarland (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-691-8462

Edith Stallard (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-583-5992

Katherine Vance (Northern KY)
Certified ASL 703-508-2721

Angela Wallace (Western KY)
Certified ASL 270-554-7993

Rita Zinheld (Central KY)
Certified ASL 859-583-0613

Kentucky Interpreters – Spanish

Blanca Aguilar (Northern KY)
Certified Spanish 859-250-4951

Gabriela Alfaya (Western KY)
Certified Spanish 270-799-3098

Ilse Apestegui (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 502-777-2386

Ramiro Artasanchez (Central KY)
Registered Spanish 859-948-8622

Jean Bellego (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 954-665-0405

Elisa Casanova (Northern Kentucky) Reciprocity from OH
Certified Spanish 513-680-2745

Doris Caspani (Central KY) Reciprocity from TN
Certified Spanish 859-268-1815

Michal Colmenares (Central KY)
Registered Spanish 859-608-2374

Viviana Delgado (Western KY)
Certified Spanish 270-401-5710

Sandra Downard (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 502-558-2649

Lina Drew (Northern KY) Reciprocity from IN
Certified Spanish 765-960-2401

Jeanine Dunclife (Central KY)
Certified Spanish 502-559-5656

Claudia Gomila (Out-of-State)
Certified Spanish 931-528-8756

Alexandra Guittet
Certified Spanish 502-377-7476

Lorie Gutierrez (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 502-356-4166

David Hanich (Central KY)
Certified Spanish 859-338-5530

Luis Hernandez (Northern KY)
State and Federally Certified Spanish 859-466-4550

Jason Knapp (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 502-762-4879

Catherine Kruck
Certified Spanish 859-447-6919

Vivian Kurzendoerfer (Metro Louisville) Reciprocity form IN
Certified Spanish 317-694-3696

Rosemarie Leite (Northern KY)
Certified Spanish 859-250-0994

Aimara Liste-Gonzalez (Out-of-State)
Certified Spanish 407-259-1998

Melannie Lopez (Western KY)
Certified Spanish 270-392-1531

Magali McCarty (Northern KY)
Certified Spanish & Certified Portuguese 502-525-3877

Rebecca Ortega (Metro Louisville) Reciprocity form IN
Certified Spanish 360-982-0270

Greta Payne (Western KY)
Certified Spanish 270-702-0236

Nidia Pecol (Central KY)
Certified Spanish 859-552-8306

Mary Lou Romero (Bowling Green, KY)
Certified Spanish 706-266-6656

Ramona Sharp (Metro Louisville) Reciprocity from IN
Certified Spanish 502-609-5916

Blanca Trimble (Western KY)
Registered Spanish 270-559-9429

Jouhanna Vasquez-Kelley (Western KY)
Certified Spanish 270-929-1550

Adriana Vowels (Metro Louisville)
Certified Spanish 502-296-3032

Marta West (Central KY)
Certified Spanish 502-545-1371

Lisbeth Wint (Central KY)
Certified Spanish 859-457-6060

Carlo Zambrano (Northern KY)
Certified Spanish 513-288-3776

Kentucky Interpreters – Languages other than Spanish

Farhiya Abasheikh (Louisville)
Registered Somali, Mai Mai 502-299-3273

Sawsan Abugosseisa (Metro Louisville)
Certified Arabic 502-553-1521

Hebba Abulsaad (Tennessee)
Certified Arabic 615-943-9989

Khaldoun Almousily (Metro Louisville)
Certified Arabic 270-844-3118

Helene V. Conte (Ohio)
Certified French 216-233-8807

Izumi Critchfield (Metro Louisville)
Registered Japanese 502-649-4829

Ervin Dimeny (Metro Louisville)
Registered Hungarian 502-558-7002

Yodit Dori (Metro Louisville)
Registered Amharic 502-741-9460

Abdi Elmi (Out of State) Reciprocity form MN
Certified Somali 612-423-1022 (H)

Alexandru Sorin Farc (Louisville, KY)
Registered Romanian 502-386-3195

Namhee Lim (Wilmore)
Registered Korean 859-553-4640

Magali McCarty (Northern KY)
Certified Spanish & Certified Portuguese 502-525-3877

William Mkanta (Western KY)
Registered Swahili 270-202-7676

Farhiya Mahamud (Out of State) Reciprocity form MN
Registered Somali, Maay Maay 207-312-7096

Shivani Nandi (Metro Louisville)
Registered Japanese 502-548-2109

Duc Tien Nguyen (Out-of-state) Reciprocity form CA
Certified Vietnamese 714-414-5092

My Le Nguyen (Metro Louisville)
Registered Vietnamese 502-298-7077

Marcel Nkwiyinka (Metro Louisville)
Registered Swahili 502-408-0974

Inna Owens (Northern KY)
Certified Russian 513-560-4348

Smita Pandya (Metro Louisville)
Registered Hindi 502-314-3680

Rana Raad (Central KY)
Certified Arabic 513-252-8906

Wei Ralph (Western KY) Reciprocity from TN
Certified Mandarin (Chinese) 615-498-6539

Elma Razic (Western KY)
Certified Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian 270-779-7638

Patricia Rebac (Metro Louisville)
Certified French 502-494-7731

Venera Shala (Metro Louisville)
Registered Albanian 502-974-4593

Jong Skaggs (Central KY)
Registered Korean 859-274-3390

Edin Smajlagic (Western KY)
Registered Bosnian 270-303-6014

Mojgan Taghizadeh (Metro Louisville)
Registered Farsi 502-228-8898

Szu-Ching Wang (Metro Louisville)
Certified Mandarin 646-541-9691


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