Immediate, next day, and expedited service require a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, not only court reporters, videographers, and transcriptionists, but in-house, full-time office staff who will field your phone calls, emails, and letters, and who will be there when you have questions that only we can answer.

Do you need your deposition, trial transcript or transcription same day, next day or a few days from now?  Do you need your deposition video today, tomorrow or as soon as possible?

Upon request, Taylor Court Reporters will accelerate production and delivery of our products to suit your needs and we can do it as quickly as you need.  Same day delivery of transcripts and video is possible, and it’s happening right here at Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky.

Understanding our expedited service options are key to getting what you want when you want it.

Please take a look at a list of our expedited services.

  • Less Than 10 Business Days:  Our usual and customary time frame for production and delivery of your transcripts is 10 business day.  If you would like your transcript prepared and delivered to you sooner than our usual 10 day turnaround time, just let us know, and we’ll get to work on your transcript so you get it when you need it.
  • Next-Day Delivery:    When you need your transcript ASAP, and you just can’t wait for a finalized, quotable transcript, next-day delivery is the way to go.  By calling ahead and letting us know, we can match you up with a court reporter who will be a perfect match for your needs.  Next-day delivery – no problem!
  • Realtime:  If you need real-time translation of the proceedings, the ability to read the words as they are spoken, Taylor Court Reporters are experienced real-time translation providers.  No need to bring your own laptop, Taylor Court Reporters will bring our iPads and set them up for you.  We’re ready to go when you are, and we’re ready to provide you instant access to the spoken word.  Call ahead to request a real-time court reporter.
  • Rough Drafts:  When you need your transcript and you need it fast, but you can’t wait for the completed, certified transcript, rough draft transcript may be just what you need.  Rough draft transcripts are a cleaned up version of the court reporter’s notes and may contain spelling and other errors which they reporter will clean up for the final, certified transcript.  Attorneys find rough draft transcripts useful for time-sensitive preparation.

With over 40 years of experience, you can rest assured when calling Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky you will be satisfied that the service you request is the service you receive.