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Taylor Realtime Court Reporters Kentucky use CaseViewNet to deliver realtime text translations

See what real-time court reporters feeds can do for you at your next deposition.

Real-time technology allows the competent court reporter to instantly produce readable English text from their stenographic notes, thus allowing almost anyone instant access to the written record.

It is the court reporter that produces readable real-time, not the technology. Real-time court reporters must continually hone their speed and accuracy skills, forever working to improve their stenographic dictionaries to ensure that proper names, dates, and places translate correctly.  Endurance and speed are essential to getting good at real-time.  Professional real-time court reporters take down testimony in excess of 200 words per minute, and therefore, must control the proceedings for quality real-time text.

Taylor Realtime Court Reporters Kentucky use steno machines to deliver realtime textReal-time court reporting allows the reader to mark sections of testimony, make notes and review testimony in real-time.  Simultaneous searches for specific testimony, including keywords, are now easily achievable.

Applications for real-time court reporters are endless.  Court reporters, using real-time technology, caption what you see on most television programming today.  The deaf and hard-of-hearing depend on real-time reporting for weather and disaster alerts, as well as in the judicial setting, where the latent-deaf may find it easier to read text than using ASL interpretation.

Attorney Real-Time Court Reporter Tips 

Not sure how to work with our iPads and our real-time translation feed, no problem, Taylor Court Reporters has got you covered.  Our real-time court reporters will bring iPads to the deposition and set them up for you.  Taylor Court Reporters will provide a cheat sheet with tips and tricks and guide you through its use.  Just let us know you need a little help and we’ll be glad to get you up and running.


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