As a court reporter and deposition videographer with Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky, our clientele is diverse.  I often find myself on the road, traveling more miles than I care to think of. I don’t mind too much though, I really enjoy the freedom that comes with being a working freelance court reporter or deposition videographer. I just pack up my car with my machines, soft drinks, snacks, and if need be, lunch. I have my radio, CDs and GPS to keep me company

I live and work in Kentucky. As a matter of fact, our office covers all of Kentucky so, as I said, I’m on the road for miles and miles at a time. I’ve got a Toyota Camry Hybrid and that does help the cost of filling up my gas tank, but the road is always before me, I’m either coming or I’m either going.

Kentucky is a beautiful state, the Bluegrass State they call it, and it’s no wonder, when the tall grass of horse country blows in the cool breezes of spring and summer in waving fields of blue and green.  Kentucky is a diverse state, big ciities, small towns and miles and miles of state roads surrounded by woodland and farmlands. Deer Crossing and Falling Rock signs abound, so you have to keep an eye out.  But that’s not what this court reporter and deposition videographer keeps an eye out for. This Kentucky court reporter keeps an eye out for barns, quilted barns, to be exact.

If you don’t know, or have never seen one, a quilted barn is not a fabric barn, or even a barn covered by fabric, it’s a barn, typically an older or historic barn with a square-shaped sign that’s been painted in the pattern of a quilt block, and made for display on the side of a barn.  They’re typically colorful, geometric, and eye candy to anyone driving on a country road.

“There, there’s one,” I’ll say to my videographer or court reporter companion as we drive along the winding back roads of Kentucky on our way to take a deposition, hearing, or arbitration.  We make a mental note of where we spotted the quilt barn and hope there’s still enough daylight left as we leave the deposition to stop, get out, and take a picture of our hidden treasure, or treasures, if we’re lucky enough to spot a few that day.  Yes, I’ve gotten out in the rain, pulled up in a stranger’s drive, to get the picture of my artwork on a barn.

My court reporting firm, Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky, covers the entire state, and most drives are good, but some are better than others.  There’s nothing like seeing one, two, three, or a whole trail of quilted barns to bring a smile to my face and make the ride an adventure.

If you’d like to learn more about my travels and Kentucky quitled barns I see, please watch these youtube videos to see some of what I’ve been lucky enough to see as I travel the back roads as a Kentucky Court Reporter.

     Barn Quilts Dot the Bluegrass

    Kentucky Barn Quilts