The Chrome Web Store rolled out a free web app back in August 2012 called Transcribe.  It’s a nice little program for some to use, but your Louisville Kentucky court reporters, Taylor Court Reporting KY, needs more. We like Transcribe for its ability to import MP3 and WAV files for proofreading our deposition and arbitration transcripts.  The free version of Transcribe offers five useful shortcut keys:

  • Esc: pause/resume
  • F1:  slow down
  • F2:  speed up
  • F3:  rewind 2 seconds
  • F4:  forward 2 seconds

You can purchase the Transcribe Pro version, also available at the Chrome Web Store, with a few upgrades.  The upgraded Pro version works on a cloud platform so you can work at any computer from home, the office, or on the road.  Pro allows you to upload multiple audio files and export your transcripts as doc files. This pay option will save you from having to copy and paste as you do with the free version.

Transcribe Pro has several different plans. You can choose the Solo plan at $19.00 a month. The Solo plan comes with 8 hours of audio and 20 documents.  You can get the Premium Plan for $29.00 a month and it will give you 14 hours of audio and 30 documents.  For the casual user that needs a little more, there is a pay-as-you-go plan that comes in at $3.00 an hour for audio with 10 documents.  If you want a time code showing the current audio position and have the ability to import WMA files, you’ll need the Pro version.

An iOS app became available in November of 2012.  The iOS platform allows you to record audio directly to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and you can then upload the files automatically to your Transcribe Pro account.  You’ll manually have to transfer the audio to your computer with the free version.  (What a great back-up audio option for deposition court reporters.)

Visit the Chrome Web Store to download either the free version of Transcribe or Transcribe Pro, the paid version.  You can also download Transcribe and Transcribe Pro from the Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky website, just go to the Clients section and follow the Downloads link.

If there was anything we would like to see improved on the free version, it would be an “always-on-top” option and the ability to reassign the hotkeys.  With those two caveats in mind, Taylor Court Reporting, your Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters, can give the free version of Transcribe for Chrome users two thumbs up!

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