Taylor Court Reporters, with offices in Louisville, KY, and Lexington, KY, has extensive legal transcription experience ranging from business interviews, recordings, legal arbitrations, contract and labor negotiations and more.  We cover the entire state of Kentucky and can transcribe audio recordings from our home offices for any business or legal matter in the state.

Our professional court reporters are ready to transcribe your interview recordings, whether business or legal, in both analog and digital formats. We have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 Companies, reporting and transcribing contract and labor negotiations, arbitrations, meetings, pre-employment, and employee interviews.  Attorneys turn to us for legal transcription of witness interviews, trials, and more. Taylor Court Reporters work with a variety of analog files, including audio cassettes, videotapes, microcassettes, etc. We may convert these analog files to digital files for legal transcription using such formats as MP3, WAV, Real, Windows Media, and so on. Your original media remains intact and is returned to you in its original format.  Your audio and/or video files can be mailed, emailed or shared with us in the cloud. By outsourcing your legal transcription needs, you have time to do what you do best, so leave the rest to us!

Need some direction getting started sharing your legal transcription projects with us? Call or email us today.  Our staff will give you instruction and answer all your questions.  We’ll help you comfortably make the shift from in-house to outsourced transcription in no time.

If you have business tapes, interviews, meetings, videos, and other recordings you would like transcribed, please contact Taylor Court Reporters KY for all your transcription needs.  Your digital files are transferred electronically, so distance is never a problem.



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