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Be sure to visit our Lexington Court Reporters page for all the information you’ll need to know about the Robert F. Stephens Circuit & District Courthouses and the Fayette County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

Lexington Kentucky Court Reporters | Video Depositions

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Kentucky Court Reporter & Video Deposition Firm. Our Court Reporters cover Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding Fayette County area with statewide coverage. You can count on our court reporters and deposition videographers to offer you the latest technologies, to include E-transcript with hyperlinked and OCR exhibits.  We not only videotape your depositions, Taylor Court Reporters will sync the video to the deposition text so you may create video clips to show the jury, mediator, client, or members of your team.  All of our work for you can be uploaded to your iBinder Online Repository account, including your videos, so you’re always just a click away from your deposition transcripts, interviewstrial transcripts, and deposition videos.

Lexington, KY is on Eastern Standard Time & Daylight Savings Time.

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Sales and Hotel Taxes – Kentucky state sales tax is 6 percent. Groceries are exempt. There is a hotel tax of 6 percent and a state fee of 1%, bringing the total tax on hotel rooms to 13.4%.

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