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Lexington KY Court Reporters & Conference Rooms

Our Lexington KY Court Reporters deliver outstanding court reporting services and legal video deposition services throughout KY. Client satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal. For depositions, video conferencing, and litigation support, we’re simply the best. Our court reporters offer real-time court reporting. And that’s a claim only the best, most experienced court reporters can make. In addition to their, education and training, it’s the experience that gives our court reporters and legal video techs the right to call themselves professionals. These are just a few of the reasons you can count on our courteous, well-trained staff of professionals at Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters.

Core Values

Every day we strive to stay true to our core values, quality, service, and client satisfaction. Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters are both a locally-owned and family-operated court reporting firm. Built on these core values we have not only succeeded, but been leaders in the competitive court reporting market for over 45 years. We’ve dedicated ourselves to not only providing quality service, but reliable litigation court reporting services you can depend on. Finally, with over a century of combined experience in the legal, secretarial, and court reporting fields, we have the experience and knowledge base to help you accomplish your goals.

Lexington KY Deposition Conference Rooms


Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters and Legal Video Service has conference rooms near Lexington Fayette Circuit Court and U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. Our conference rooms are just 9 minutes, or four miles, from Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport, closer than any of our competitors.

We’re here to serve you whether you live or work in Lexington or whether you’re traveling in to Lexington. We’ve provided outstanding client care and a superior product to the legal and business communities of Lexington for more than 45 years. Above all, we believe your success is our success! Because our staff is devoted to you, your job is made that much easier. As a result, we pride ourselves on client care. It is for these reasons our staff is ready to assist you with all your court reporting and video needs!

FREE PARKING and FREE WiFi at our Lexington KY deposition conference rooms.

  • Deposition Conference Rooms – 9 Minutes to Blue Grass Airport

You’ll find Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters closer to Lexington Blue Grass Airport than our competitors. We’re just a quick 9 minute drive, or four miles, from the Lexington airport. If you need to catch a plane quickly, you’ll find us closer to the airport than any of our competitors. When you’re on a tight schedule, call or contact Taylor Lexington Court Reporters, for the convenience only we can offer.

  • Deposition Conference Rooms Close to State & Federal Courthouses

Our Lexington KY Court Reporters and Legal Video Deposition conference rooms are just a ten minute drive to downtown Lexington, where you’ll find the Fayette Circuit Court and U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky. Similarly, we’re close to the best hotels, restaurants, and basketball in Lexington.

Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters & Legal Video Services offers:

  • PDF Transcripts
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • FREE PARKING at select conference room locations
  • Convenient close-in parking
  • Real-Time Court Reporting
  • Expedited and Rush court reporting services
  • Video Deposition Court Reporting services
  • High Definition Video Conferencing
  • Legal Transcription

High Definition Legal Video Deposition Services

With Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporter’s use of high definition cameras, you’ll get a superior picture. And because our cameras are low-light sensitive, we’re prepared for many situations where the light quality is less than optimal. Also, to give you the best sound quality, we use lapel microphones, giving you audio and video you can rely on at a later mediation, arbitration, or trial. Besides using high quality cameras and audio gear, our legal video technicians are our employees, thus we can offer you continuity of service and an assurance of quality. Not only do our legal video technicians have years of experience in the deposition phase, but they are well versed in editing your videos, as well. While we working in the Lexington KY area, our Lexington KY Legal Video techs cover your depositions throughout KY.

Our advanced court reporting technology provides you so many exciting possibilities. We offer PDF transcripts and eTranscripts in electronic format. If you like hard-copy paper transcripts, we’ve got those too! Word index pages available. Large and condensed transcripts are available in all formats.

Helpful Staff

Because Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters partners with you to book conference rooms and court reporters, you’ll know we’re there for you when you need us. Do you need video conferencing and video deposition services? We can confidently walk you through the scheduling process, thereby saving you precious time.

Experienced Court Reporters

Over the years Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters has covered some of the toughest deposition assignments with high praise. Noteworthy cases have involved equine law, professional and medical malpractice. Furthermore, we’ve worked on products liability and toxic substance litigation. Additionally, we routinely cover personal injury and contract litigation. It is for that reason, you can trust the experienced professionals of Taylor Lexington KY Court Reporters.

Professional Memberships

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National Court Reporters Association

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Meet Our Lexington KY Court Reporters:

Jessie - Court Reporter Louisville Kentucky
Jessie, Office Manager Kentucky Court Reporters
Linda - Court Reporter Louisville Kentucky
Linda, Certified KY Court Reporter, Videographer
Lauren - Court Reporter Louisville Kentucky
Lauren, Kentucky Court Reporters
Sam - Video Court Reporter Louisville Kentucky
Sam, Video Lexington Kentucky Court Reporters
Kallie - Court Reporter Louisville Kentucky
Kallie, Court Reporter
Ashlie - Louisville Kentucky Court Reporters
Ashlie, Videographer, Transcriber, Court Reporter