What is a timestamp? Wikipedia defines it this way: “A timestamp is a sequence of characters, denoting the date and/or time at which a certain event occurred. A timestamp is the time at which an event is recorded by a computer, not the time of the event itself. In many cases, the difference may be inconsequential: the time at which an event is recorded by a timestamp (e.g., entered into a log file) should be very, very close to the time of the occurrence of the event recorded.”

When a request is made for timestamps, Taylor Court Reporters of Kentucky, can easily add timestamps to your printed transcripts.

Why might I need timestamps?

Timestamps are used by Court Reporters and Legal Videographers to accurately synch text to video for trial presentation.

Timestamps are also used as a way of verifying the authenticity of a transcript.

Timestamps can also show how long each attorney examines the witness, how long breaks were. It’s uses are endless.