General Order Affects Court Reporters & Attorneys

Jefferson County Kentucky –                                                                                     Circuit Court Orders Original Transcripts Sealed

The Honorable Charles Cunningham, Jr., Chief Judge of Jefferson County Kentucky Circuit Court, has entered a General Order, effective February 9, 2017, nullifying and replacing a previous General Order issued on May 21, 2010, regarding the filing of deposition transcripts and video records. Both court reporters and attorneys who have cases pending in Jefferson County KY Circuit Court should be aware of this new General Order and its implications.  Read more “General Order Affects Court Reporters & Attorneys”

Successful Court Reporters Use Networking to Succeed

Court Reporters Should Network For Success

One of the most important building blocks to a successful career is networking, keeping up with old connections and building new ones.

You may be completely content in your current position, but in today’s ever-changing employment landscape networking should be one of your top priorities. Connections and opportunities are all around us, so let’s explore some different ideas we all can try. Read more “Successful Court Reporters Use Networking to Succeed”

Court Reporters, Come Work with Us!

Growing Kentucky Court Reporting Firm Could Use Your Help!

Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky is owned and operated by court reporters so we know just how hard the job of a court reporter can be. Keep reading