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Reliability is not an optional feature in trial. We’ve been in the trial presentation hot seat, and we know how long ten seconds can be in front of a judge. Further, we know that if you’re presenting with TrialPad, you’ve already gone to law school, and don’t want to learn to be a trial presentation consultant as well. So, we made it simple to learn and powerful to use. Most importantly, it works

Import Options

We know that each of our users is unique, as are their practices. So we put in import options for everyone. If you love Macs and are technologically gifted, use iTunes to bring your evidence into TrialPad. Want it easy and cloud-based? Why not use Dropbox. Or maybe you just want to display and annotate a PDF someone sent you in an email, that’s easy, just select “Open In…” TrialPad. And now, WebDAV support is available at the request of large firms and government agencies to access their “private cloud” too. Whatever your workflow, we’ve got you covered.

What we Learned in Kindergarten

TrialPad plays well with all the other apps on your iPad. Why is this a killer feature? With an app like TrialPad you will need access to .PDFs, photo files, video files, among others, and you should be able to import them and export them to and from other apps on your iPad. We believe that playing well with others makes for a better user experience, and that when you are trying to get the maximum productivity out of your iPad, app exclusivity just really feels a little like jail.


Sometimes you are your own trial team, but other times, you are part of one. TrialPad is ideal in either scenario because you can share everything you’ve done on your iPad and send it to another iPad. Best of all, you can do this as many times as you like before during and after trial with the press of one simple, magical button. Now, maybe you’re your own trial team and you’re excited that you have a way to download a full backup of your case. Or, maybe you’re the junior associate who just organized everything and handed out iPads with identical cases to the whole team and everyone thinks you’re a genius. No, its fine, take the credit. It’s yours.


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TrialPad for iPad

 TrialPad – Introducing TrialPad for iPad

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