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Simple issue coding, highlighting and flagging are the backbone of TranscriptPad. If lugging paper transcripts onto an airplane isn’t your cup of tea, we are pretty sure you’d also like to ditch the sticky notes, pens, markers, and highlighters that accompany them. That’s why we make reviewing a transcript a simple and easy process. In three quick taps or less, you can Issue Code, Highlight or Flag and comment on any section of the transcript. Not only is transcript review easier and faster, it’s just more fun!



Forget flipping to the index at the back of your transcript. TranscriptPad has a powerful search tool that allows you to find key words in a single deposition, across an entire case, and everything in between. Your search results will display the number of times your search term was used per transcript, and also the page and line. A simple tap on the page and line will bring up the page with your search term highlighted. You can then create an Issue Code containing the full question and answer for each reference of your search word, and create a detailed report by pressing one button. You’ll be surprised what you can find in two seconds!


Reports are one of TranscriptPad’s strongest features. TranscriptPad can condense all your review work into an organized report in mere seconds. There are several options to customize your reports and show only what you need to.  All your designations can be listed with page and line information and corresponding testimony, organized by the Issue Codes you created, and then emailed or printed. If you email, the subject line is automatically populated with the deponent’s information. Just type the email address. TranscriptPad’s reports will completely revolutionize your review and collaboration process.


In our experience, exhibits can often make the transcript review process tedious. Of course they are important, and of course you want to look at the exhibit referenced in the transcript as you read, but you don’t want to have a stack of exhibits higher than the stack of transcripts you need to review. You’re probably getting our theme by now, yes TranscriptPad makes that easy too. When you import your transcripts, at the same time you can import your exhibits into a folder which is automatically created in your case, and then access them easily as you read.When we’ve reviewed paper transcripts and exhibits, we found first that we kept sticking pens, fingers and other papers in between the transcript’s pages so we wouldn’t lose our place, and second, that the pen/finger/paper method wasn’t effective. Nevertheless, we know it is important that you don’t lose your place when reading, so TranscriptPad will hold your place automatically. As you are reading, you can find your exhibit in the built-in exhibits file, review it, and when you close it, your transcript is waiting right where you left it!

Pack Case and Send

When a transcript is reviewed, often it is given to someone else to review it from their perspective. That’s why with TranscriptPad you can review one, many, or all of the transcripts in a case, mark them up to your heart’s content, and then send them to someone else for a second pass. And while you could print each transcript out individually, or email them, we’ve added an option where you can pack your case up and send it right from your iPad to TranscriptPad on their iPad. Best of all, they can review it and send it right back. There is no other transcript review tool with options like that!


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