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For over 40 years Taylor Court Reporters KY has been providing superior court reporting services with highly-skilled court reporters and legal videographers for arbitrations, mediations, labor and contract negotiations. The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 U.S.C. § 151 et seq. mandated good faith bargaining by every union and employer in order to reach agreement, and court reporters have played a vital role in impartially recording the proceedings and creating a verbatim record.

Taylor Court Reporters KY has a long history of working with Fortune 500 companies reporting labor contract negotiations. We have reported on issues as diverse as plant closures and employee relocation, health and disability benefits, and wage and job classifications. We work closely with the parties to accommodate long hours of negotiation and quick turnaround. Negotiations often go late into the night and Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky is a committed partner in the process, working alongside all parties to accommodate a speedy resolution of the issues.

Experienced Labor and Contract Negotiation and Arbitration Court Reporters

At Taylor Court Reporters we understand the complex nature of negotiations, the give-and-take that is required to resolve complicated and sometimes highly charged disputes. As professional court reporters and legal videographers, we are committed to your goals, allowing the proceedings to ebb and flow at their own pace. If meetings start early or run late, not a problem! You can count on Taylor Court Reporters to work with you until the matter is resolved.

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