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Nicholasville Kentucky Court Reporters & Video will provide you with professional court reporters and legal video deposition services in Nicholasville and the surrounding Jessamine County Kentucky area. Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky offers hyperlinked, OCR'd exhibits with our electronic E-Transcripts, and can upload your transcript, exhibits, and videos to our iBinder Online Repository for your quick and easy retrieval,  Taylor Court Reporters videography team will shoot your deposition video and sync the video and text so you can easily create clips and PowerPoint presentations for clients, juries, mediators, or member of your trial team.

Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky has meeting rooms and deposition suites around the state and we'll be happy to assist you in booking a meeting room or deposition suite.  Remember, with Taylor Court Reporters KY, there are NEVER ANY TRAVEL FEES.  So call us today for consistency in price, quality, and turnaround time.

With our forty-plus years of experience serving the Nicholasville and Jessamine County area, we bring the convenience of a one-stop approach to all your litigation needs.
Make one call to Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky and we’ll take care of the rest.


Taylor Court Reporting Kentucky is headquartered in Louisville, KY and serves clients across the nation with NO TRAVEL FEES.

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Taylor Court Reporters Kentucky will assist you in booking a deposition room in Nicholasville, KY.