Court reporters and attorneys alike appreciate the how easy it is to use E-Transcript.

Download your FREE E-Transcript viewer now from Taylor Court Reporters KY to view E-Transcript Bundles with hyper-linked, OCR exhibits, and synced videos on your computer in PTZ format.  This viewer is compatible with older versions of E-Transcript in PTX format.


E-Transcript Viewer for PTX & PTZ


E-Transcript files surpass the functionality of an ASCII file. No special software is required to open, browse, search or print an E-Transcript. The free E-Transcript viewer is all that’s required. E-Transcript files can be delivered via email, on disc, or within a Publisher Bundle containing all the applicable transcripts, linked exhibits and synchronized video from the case.

Each E-Transcript has guaranteed page and line integrity and comes as a read-only, accurate, encrypted, virus and password-protected transcript. For maximum security and authentication, an electronic signature is included in the E-Transcript.


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